About Us
Customer JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
Address Tokyo, Japan
Type of Business Organization of Aerospace Laboratory and Development
Special Project Transport International Space Station "Kibo" multipurpose laboratory from Japan to NASDA, USA in 2008.
Feature of Cargo 1. No substitute
2. Precision machine sensitive to any slight shock and moisture
3. Size of cargo including package:
weight 23 ton, length 45'11" (14m), width 18’(5.5m)
4. Use of air ride trucks only
Our Service 1. Carefully planned truck route
2. Negotiated with the related government offices
3. Registered approval for special transportation
4. Arranged guards for safe delivery
5. Speed of truck should be from 3 to 6 mile/h (5 to 10 Km/h)
6. Record driving speed, with temperature and humidity control
7. Our staff carefully tracks cargo through delivery to end user

Mitsubishi Logistics America Corporation (MLA) was instrumental in the successful transport, delivery and inventory of the "Kibo" Pressurized Module multipurpose space laboratory.

"Kibo" was launched by the NASA on the Space Shuttle "Discovery" Mission STS-124 in 2008.

MLA, along with our office in Tokyo, Japan (Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation (MLC), took great care in the planning, packing, transport, delivery, unpacking and inventory of this one of a kind cargo. MLA specifically was responsible for the supervision and coordination for unloading the vessel, aircraft up to and including the inventory of all items at the International Space Station Processing Facility, Kennedy Space Center. The complexity of handling the project coordination of this magnitude shows the capability, dedication and commitment of MLA and our staff.


Customer Anonymous

As one of our main projects, we are handling oversized cargo to a petrochemical factory in Plaquemine, LA. We have been jointly working with our mother company (Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation) since 2006 heading these types of projects.

The main routes we handle via break bulk vessel, are mainly from Asian countries, including China and Japan.

Large oversized cargo, as much as 50 – 200 ton per unit was loaded at mill port, then unloaded at NOLA (New Orleans) port. After unloading from vessels the oversized cargo cannot be delivered by trailer even though we use specialized trailers. Some of the cargo was delivered by floating barge with tag boat by direct loading through river.

We also have handled special containers like flat rack or open top containers facilitating trans-loading at LA/LB port area.

We have expanded our experience and knowledge for project cargo through this project. Our main focus for these projects is in the U.S.A.; however we are arranging exports to China, Middle East & South American countries as well.

(Please see photo for remarkable cargoes.)